Kitschy Magazine #1

Kitschy Magazine #1


Inspiration comes from every aspect of life, not all of which are good. One thing which has really inspired us is the vivacity and liveliness of the local public figures and artists that we have been working with on various projects.There are a lot of brilliant people out there, and we really wanted to spotlight some of the local talents that deserve more recognition. Thank you for joining in on this month’s magazine “Inspiration.”

  • Collaborating Artists

    • McKay Findlay @mckayfindlay
    • Riley Stam @calletphotos
    • Hailey Erickson
    • Andrew Nicholson @rodsprinklesphoto
    • Nathan Winterton @nate_win
    • Bronson Smith @thegreatbronsini
    • RyLeigh Thorne @ryleighkayephotography
    • Arun Thomas
    • Karina Soubie
    • @kitschymagazine
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